Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stolen identity and Aylin can crawl

Bode has always loved James, but his obsession with his gear, his clothes, his shoes has steadily grown. Yesterday he informed me I can no longer call him Bode, but he is now James Junior (he lets us add the jr for clarification.)  So far James  (Sr) is a good sport about it.

 Above it's James' helmet (don't forget the mouth guard!) And jersey. Below he's wearing James snow pants and boots. Bode is our biggest "imagination" player. Loves to dress up, and play make believe- sports mostly. Will spend 20 minutes skating up and down the rug in an imagined tournament. Though he loves prancing around in my heels as well.
 Owen is really fun to count and write with now. Of course I get in trouble for my mispronunciation of efe and hache. Disregard the risque attire.
 Aylin figured out how to crawl last night! Cool and sad. I just want her to stay small. And alive. She loves to put things in her mouth, and my kids love Legos.

I'm assuming the video won't actually work, and she doesn't actually crawl in it. Cute though.

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Kim said...

So funny. efe and hache? Like Spanish pronunciation? Or Australian--they say /haich/ for H here and of course /zed/ for Z. And go-Aylin-go with the crawling. That's great! But yes, please do stay alive.