Friday, July 1, 2016

Still Waiting

 I am now 2 days over due. That means plan A( that I have the baby before Friday afternoon when all of Randy's family left to go up to the cabin for the week) didn't work out. So I am now on to plan B (wait until Tuesday morning when Mom flies into town.) Randy's family assures me they'll be willing to come back down and watch my boys if neither plan works, but it'd be so much more convenient for all, and baby appears to be nowhere close to making an entrance to the chaos of our family at this point, so I'll just embrace plan B. I thought I'd snap a pregnant shot with the webcam just to record how big I am. 3 months of people commenting that I must be due any day makes a pregnancy drag on a bit. We've been trying to stay busy and distracted with playground, swimming pool and museum visits. I keep thinking that I should embrace this time to do things that will be harder with a 4th child, but I am just so sick and uncomfortable and hot that its hard to want to do anything but sit in the shade or sleep. So there's plenty of that going on too. My kids have been good sports, but I'm pretty sure it's because they no longer can remember a time when I didn't hobble around and complain all the time.

 As you can see my kids spend a lot of time entertaining themselves. I figure its easier to repair the damage than to hover around trying to prevent.
 Some friends of ours took us to an very authentic Chinese restaurant in the area. Here is James nibbling on a duck foot.

 Giant snapping turtle that crossed my path.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Enjoying spring

We just enjoyed Memorial day at the cabin. Owen felt ready to take on the kayak- needed someone to paddle out and pull him back to shore while he cried each time, but so determined to try again!
We are super excited our best friends the Brodegards are moving back. Randy is their realtor, so I've made special efforts to steer them to buy a house close by.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May repost

Okay, I am bummed to have just noticed that the long catch up post I did, didn't work. I can't remember what all I wrote, but it was lengthy and kept me up too late to risk a repeat. My current phone just is not very compatible with blogspot I guess. May has been a month of birthdays, pinatas, enjoying our new deck and the beautiful flowers and weather that finally arrived with consistency. Plus, the last week or 2 I am started to feel less sick. Yay for May!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Missouri Thompsons visit

We had a really great time visiting Rob and Jen's family at their new place near Branson, Missouri, for a spring break warm up trip. I hadn't spent time in the area and was wowed by the uniqueness of the terrain- very hilly high plateau with most roads winding along the highest elevation, and mountainside views. The ground was very rocky, and rarely level. You can see Rob here farming a portion of his land that was leveled out. He's really embraced his new farm life and spent much time perfecting the soil and installing his natural irrigation system. I'm excited to see how it works out. Randy and crew worked on converting a shed into a chicken coupe, and the boys and I enjoyed hiking the trails and petting the 2 puppies and kittens (though Bode and Owen preferred admiring them from afar.) Mostly we enjoyed playing with cousins. We went to the Dixie Stampede dinner
in Branson, which was a total hit. I think I enjoyed watching Owen and Bode cheer and dance along to every moment as much as the show itself. Randy and the boys squeezed in a casual game of golf, and we finished with a very fun swim with cousins at the community pool (it had a whirlpool, lazy river, fountains, slides and ended up being an unexpected highlight as well.) Thanks Thompson's for all of the good food and fun!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Winter finale

Over the weekend we enjoyed amazing winter beauty and activities at the cabin, then we came back to spring! Bode is crying because he just fell face first into the mud, and the boys were all to willing to lather up so he wouldn't feel alone.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter Update

For some reason I am having trouble putting up blog posts with my new phone, so I'll take this opportunity to catch up for the winter, and attempt to post some videos while I'm sitting at the computer. 
Here is how Bode spends much of his time- watching anyone on the ice rink and waiting for his turn to get geared up so he can join. As you can see he is capable of putting on skates himself (any pair will do. He loves Randy's.) Problem is, he's not actually able to stay upright on the ice, so insists on being assisted or carried, both of which get tiring fast. Then its a 20 minute tantrum to try and get the skates off. I can't complain too much though, its basically the only thing that makes him cry, and you have to appreciate that passion. (the box he is standing on is a set of dishes we plan to either keep, or return, but it functions as such a great, stable perch for Bode that we can't get ourselves to open it.)

Having an ice rink in the back yard is so amazing. Just about every afternoon James at some point heads out there on his own (5 years old is amazing! He even puts on his own skates), then the rest of us trickle out. When someone gets tired they just head back in. When a neighbor shows up to skate, we just trickle back out. It has made winter such a pleasure (of course nearly consistent 20+ degree days sure hasn't hurt.) Its been a really great winter so far. We've made it up to the cabin a few times already and plan to go again next weekend. Up there the favorite hobby is sledding down the hill and being pulled back up by the snow mobile. Owen is our most devoted sledder and can stay out there for hours. He whizzes by us all, somehow steering around obstacles, and with a constant grin. We had the wonderful pleasure of having our friends the Brodegards come in from Rome, GA, and our friend Holly from Steamboat fly in to join us at the cabin last trip.
We've also spent a bit of time watching the national pond hockey tournament and Randy's weekly hockey games on Lk Nokomis.
And if this video works you can see Owen is all of a sudden figuring out how to really skate!
When we're not out back I'm usually lying on the couch. I'm 21 weeks pregnant but still sick and my traditional pregnancy sciatic issues are paining me in full force. But, if all goes well we'll have a baby girl somewhere around June 29th.
When I can pull myself off the couch, we've recently enjoyed Zola's tea party birthday, and lots of playing "kittens in a box."

 Dad's did a great post of our visit to their farm in January, but here are a few pics for our records. We had a wonderful visit. Not always warm temperatures, but so great to get to just lie in bed while Mom and Dad entertained, fed, and cleaned for us. Thank you! It was also really fun to spend time with Sage's and Joe's families.  A highlight for me was sitting around the table at Joe's while Blake quizzed us from Dad's book "Letters to Grandma," and sitting around with some of the older kids and my parents and Joe and Heather playing games. It's fun to see your nieces and nephews grow into "near" adults. I think I'll enjoy it when my kids reach that. Already James is at this great phase of often helping rather than always needing. But I guess I'll miss the cute factor too... I do find myself multiple times a day watching Bode and my heart just bursting with love and enjoyment. He is such a great baby.