Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Puerto Rico

  • We've been enjoying our winter and doing lots of ice-skating in the back yard. James is playing hockey and is super cute and fast out there. Bode insists on putting on James' hockey gear daily and skates around almost as fast as I do at this point.  

 Play 'til you drop. He was guarding the goal from Owens shots even after he drifted off.
 Owen and Aylin both sleep best with a snuggle partner.
We weren't needing a break from the cold yet, but we were able to get cheap flights down to see Kim while she visited our family, so we coupled that with a 4 day get away to Puerto Rico with just Aylin. The boys had a great time with mom and dad- and we had so much fun being able to walk through historic and quaint areas without having to scout out playgrounds the whole time. Here is  Flamenco beach, Culebra island, Puerto Rico. " 2nd most beautiful beach in the world." The water was literally "crystal clear"- sparkling waves.

Enjoying coconut water and mofongo at a kiosko (below.) You can see they're burning pallet pieces, but can't get the full effect of the big ladies frying up the piononos, or the beach in the background.

 Guesthouse Numero uno in Isla Verde.

 And now, glad to be back!

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Kim said...

I love the sleeping goalie snap (: So glad you had fun in PR. Your "we'll just figure it out as we go" guesthouse and beach choices look great!